20 Best holiday dessert recipes to make the season even sweeter

Below you’ll find 20 of our best holiday dessert recipes including trusty staples like cookies, cakes and pies. We’ve also included some desserts that are sure to wow your friends and family, such as a festive cream puff Christmas tree and cherry-filled gingerbread tarts.

During this holiday season, you won’t serve just one dessert because you’ll want to try many when faced with all these exciting choices. Happy baking!

1. Gingerbread chocolate chip cookies


Gingerbread chocolate chip cookies


Everybody loves a chocolate chip cookie. This one gives the classic a holiday spin with the taste of gingerbread.

2. Stuffed and baked pear dumplings

Stuffed and baked pear dumplings

Elegant baked pears can be stuffed with anything you like. They’re wrapped with premade dough and are deceptively simple to make.

3. Caramel apple pie

Caramel apple pie

We’ve added depth and richness to ordinary apple pie by incorporating caramel into the filling. It will be a surefire hit at your holiday party.

4. Chocolate raisin apple pie

Chocolate raisin pie | Sheknows.com

With the smooth appeal of cake and the crunchy appeal of pie, this is a tasty combination dreamed up in holiday heaven.

5. Spice cake with apple cider caramel sauce

 Spice cake with apple cider caramel sauce

Special is what you get when you mix a regular box mix with a homemade apple cider caramel sauce slathered on top of a Bundt cake.

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6. Crimson cranberry-orange tart

Crimson cranberry-orange tart

Cranberries aren’t just a relish to other dishes, but make the perfect dessert when they’re treated properly. Let ice cream or whipped topping play second fiddle to this dish.

7. Rum raisin tiramisu

Rum raisin tiramisu

This is a dessert for the adults in the group, as it holds a lot of rum that doesn’t cook out during preparation.

8. Copycat Starbucks gingerbread biscotti

Copycat Starbucks gingerbread biscotti

You don’t need to fork out the big bucks anymore. With this copycat recipe, you’re going to be the stop for coffee on your friends’ route.

9. Chocolate-dipped Christmas treats

Chocolate-dipped Christmas treats

Turn your store-bought cookies, pretzels and whatever else tickles your fancy into decadent treats with these tantalizing recipes of dipped chocolate.

10. Homemade gumdrop candies

Homemade gumdrop candies

Never buy boxed gumdrops again. You can choose your favorite flavors and make as much as you want. You’ll wonder why you never did it before.

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11. Double Dutch chocolate mocha cupcakes

Double Dutch chocolate mocha cupcakes

Coffee, chocolate and peppermint buttercream sounds like your favorite seasonal coffee, right? That’s the inspiration. Enjoy.

12. Snowy mountain cookies

Snowy mountain cookies

A no-bake cookie that looks just like little mountain tops is the perfect treat for your holiday table. With cocoa and peanut butter, they’re a tasty treat to eat as well!

13. Festive cream puff Christmas tree

Festive cream puff Christmas tree

It looks absolutely beautiful on your table as a centerpiece and tastes incredibly scrumptious when your meal is over and it’s time for dessert.

14. Cherry-filled gingerbread man tarts

Cherry-filled gingerbread man tarts

The recipe calls them handheld pockets of holiday happiness. They’ll certainly surprise your guests who are expecting a more traditional treat.

15. Wiener dog Santa cookies

Wiener dog Santa cookies

A simple molasses cookie recipe, some icing and some candy pieces will create an adorable 3D dog cookie that will stand on its own. They’re almost too cute to eat.

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16. Olaf the snowman treats

Olaf the snowman treats

Disney’s movie Frozen is coming to a theater near you. Celebrate the season and the premiere with these tasty treats made of marshmallows and graham crackers.

17. Ice cream cone Santa hats

Ice cream cone Santa hats

These look daunting, but don’t let that fool you. They’re relatively simple to make and will look smashing over a dollop of ice cream.

18. Snowman doughnut faces

Snowman doughnut faces

These are a kid-friendly treat that are super easy to make and will put a bright smile on your kids’ faces. Use store-bought doughnuts to make them even easier.

19. Buckeye bark

Buckeye bark

There’s no need to sit around and roll buckeyes anymore. Just make bark! It’s the combination of creamy peanut butter sandwiched between semisweet chocolate layers that does it.

20 . Chocolate snowball crinkles

Chocolate snowball crinkles

Soft and fudgy, these cookies pack a powerful chocolate punch. Rolled in powdered sugar and baked, these tasty treats won’t last long, so think about doubling the recipe.

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