How to make your own scented candles




Follow this easy tutorial to learn how to make your own candles. They are perfect for decorating your own home and make beautiful personalized gifts.

How to make scented candles


Materials and tools:

  • Wax flakes
  • Pre-waxed candle wicks
  • Containers for candles
  • Non-toxic crayon or candle color block
  • Essential oils
  • Glass container
  • Saucepan or pot
  • Skewers or chopsticks
  • Tape
  • Stove
  • Scissors


Note: You’ll want to start off by cleaning your glass containers. Using regular dish soap will do the job, just make sure you dry them thoroughly when you’re done.

Step 1: Setting up your wicks


DIY scented candles: Setting up your wicks
Image: Eileen Chow/SheKnows


To set up the candlewicks in your containers, you’ll want to lay the metal piece flat against the bottom. Then use your chopsticks/skewers to hold up the wicks, and tape the ends of the chopsticks to keep everything in place.

Step 2: Measuring the wax flakes


DIY scented candles: Measuring wax flakes
Image: Eileen Chow/SheKnows


Measure out the amount of candle wax flakes you’ll need for each of your containers. The rule of thumb is two times the amount of wax flakes to fill each container.

Step 3: Melting the wax


DIY scented candles: Melting wax
Image: Eileen Chow/SheKnows


Fill a saucepan with water to about the halfway mark. Place your measured amount of wax flakes in the glass container. Then place the glass container in the saucepan. Be sure the water level is low enough, so it won’t splash into the wax flakes when it starts to boil. Turn your stove on to medium-high, and use a metal spoon to stir occasionally.

Step 4: Adding color to your candles


DIY scented candles: Add color to your candle
Image: Eileen Chow/SheKnows


This is an optional step. Your candles will come out a naturally milky white, but if you’d like to add a little color, you can use a non-toxic crayon or candle color block. I typically use 1/8 inch of red crayon per 16 fl. oz. to get a soft pastel color. Want a brighter color? Use a little bit more, only adding color a bit at a time. Like food coloring, a small amount goes a long way. Simply melt your color along with your wax flakes. Warning: The color will look a lot brighter in the melted mixture but will turn a milky color as it cools.

Step 5: Add scent


Add scent
Image: Eileen Chow/SheKnows


Once all the wax is completely melted, remove the wax mixture from the stove. My rule of thumb is 10 drops of essential oil per 16 fl. oz. It makes for a moderately scented candle. Use less or more depending on taste, and feel free to experiment and mix oils to create a scent of your own. Add the measured amount of essential oil to your wax mixture and give it a good stir to make sure it’s well-mixed.

Step 6: Pouring the wax


DIY scented candles: Pouring wax
Image: Eileen Chow/SheKnows


Make sure your containers are in a good location where they won’t need to be moved for a few hours. Then slowly pour your melted wax mixture into your containers.

Step 7: Setting your candle


DIY scented candles: Setting your candle
Image: Eileen Chow/SheKnows


Allow 3-4 hours for your candles to cool and solidify. It’s best to let them solidify at room temperature, so the cooling process is gradual. This prevents cracks in the wax.


DIY scented candles
Image: Eileen Chow/SheKnows


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