Survivor’s Kelley Wentworth reveals what TV didn’t show

The first time Kelley played on Survivor: San Juan del Sur, she competed with her father. Her time was cut very short as she was voted out early in the game. She didn’t even make the jury.

On Survivor: Second Chance, her experience was much different. Kelley emerged from the shadows and owned multiple huge moments that triggered incredible blindsides, including her idol play that took out Andrew Savage. How awesome was that? Host Jeff Probst labeled her as one of this season’s strongest players based on her numerous memorable strategic maneuvers.

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Perceived as a big threat and on the outside of an alliance, Kelley was snuffed out in fourth place. Not only did she make it that deep into the game, but she was able to bring her father back out to the show for the emotional family visit episode.

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In the end, she voted for Jeremy to win it all, but why him instead of Spencer Bledsoe? Why didn’t she even consider voting for Tasha Fox to win? What else didn’t we see on TV that Kelley wishes would’ve made it on the air? Would she want to play the game again? Plus, who smelled the worst out of anybody on the show? How did she react to that question submitted by one of our readers? We asked her all that and more during our one-on-one red carpet interview at the Survivor: Second Chance finale.

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Kelley Wentworth Survivor: Second Chance cast photo
Image: CBS

What are your thoughts on what Kelley had to say? Do you think she would have won had she made it to the final Tribal Council? Would you ever want to see Kelley play the game again? What move that she made did you enjoy watching the most? Join the conversation and leave a comment.


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