Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner like a pro

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Tips and tricks

Wipe. Always wipe the liner applicator before applying it to the eyelid. Do so by running the liner on the back of your hand or use a tissue. Removing any excess liquid allows for better product distribution, even product flow, smoother application and eliminates potential clumps and mess.

Use pencil. Not completely confident to brave liquid liner alone or have shaky hands? Use a similar colour pencil liner to help sketch the line you want to achieve. The pencil liner acts as a guide. Trace over it with the liquid liner.

Foolproof aids. Using the edge of a business card or clear tape can help you achieve the perfect line and flick. Place either the card or the tape following the line of the lower lashes in an upward and outward direction. Apply the liner along the top of the card or tape, then remove the card or tape to reveal a perfect clean line.

Tape a Cat Eye


Tape a Cat Eye

Refine. Erase mistakes and sharpen the line by cleaning rough edges with a cotton bud dipped in Garnier Micellar water (£3).

Determine eye shape. It is important to know your eye shape and play with varying thickness, angles and lengths to determine the right liquid liner look for you. For example those with monolids, where the eyelids hide eyeliner, need to create a thick arch with the liquid liner so when the eyes are open there is a defined liner look.

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Mastering the technique

Tight line

Tight lining is the foundation of using liquid liner. It is perfect for no-makeup natural-looking makeup. The tight line creates a fuller lash look which defines the eyes.

How to: Hold the liner parallel to the lash line and create small strokes at a slight angle, going from the middle of the eye outwards in between the lashes. Always start in the middle as this is where the line usually thickens. Smooth the liner carefully from the inner eye outwards to connect the small strokes creating a straighter line.

Kitten eye

Kitten flick 1a


Kitten flick 1a

The kitten eye extends the tight line and provides lift to the eye without a dramatic effect.

How to: Do the same as you would when you tight line but, with a slight flick of the wrist, extend the line upwards following the curve of your lower lash line. When lining the upper lash line ensure the strokes are not too big. The strokes should not be wider than the final line thickness you want to achieve. From the end of the extended line, go back from the point towards your inner corner to create the slightest triangle and fill in.

Cat eye

Cat eye 1a


Cat eye 1a

The cat eye (or winged liner) follows the same principles as the kitten eye but with a bit more oomph.

How to: Create the foundation of the kitten eye then build upon the thickness and length. Always start with small strokes then smooth out the line by thickening as desired. To avoid uneven eyes, make sure you are always looking straight into a mirror to match both sides and adjust the flick to suit your eye shape.

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