Company says new device will let you print the perfect foundation

That seems pretty incredible, but now another company claims it has the technology to print customized colors of foundation.

Adorn bills itself as the “world’s first portable 3-D makeup printer” that uses “advanced technology to create foundation that’s precision matched to your skin,” according to the website. “An inbuilt sensor scans your face in total darkness, blends foundation in the cylinder of the pen, then ‘prints’ the perfect color base straight onto your fingertips.”

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The company maintains that the technology can recognize and match about 75,000 skin shades, which would virtually eliminate the headaches we face when trying to make pre-made foundations match our skin colors.

Sounds absolutely amazing, right?

It does, but Adorn leaves us with more questions than answers. First, the website goes into zero detail about the foundation ingredients, its coverage level or finish, other than saying it offers SPF protection (though no clue how much).

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Then, there’s the website. Such an incredibly advanced product should have an equally-as-advanced website, but Adorn’s site is… definitely not advanced. The stock art used is terribly Photoshopped, making us question the company’s seriousness.

And then there’s the price. It’s set at $279, with a pre-order price of $139. That would be worth it if we were sure it worked, but the lack of reviews — or even a real-life demonstration — makes it a risky investment.

“Whether you’re pale in winter, tanned in summer or honey kissed in spring and fall, Adorn will dispense the right foundation every single time,” the company writes on its website.

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We absolutely hope it lives up to everything it says, but the jury is definitely still out.


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