Jessa Duggar’s husband reveals what went down during her birth

When Jessa gave birth to their first child, Spurgeon, she was in labor for 48 hours before she finally delivered her son at home. In the promo clip from Jill & Jessa: Counting On, we see a home video by Michelle Duggar, who was closely following behind while Jessa endured what appear to be very painful labor pains. Through the entire video, her husband, Ben, is close by. He appears to be so supportive, being a literal shoulder for her to lean on during her contractions.

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“She was in pain,” he shares in the video. “So I was feeling the pain, too. It was pretty difficult.”

Jessa Duggar Labor


Jessa Duggar Labor

While it isn’t all that common, some men do experience sympathy symptoms in reaction to their partner’s pregnancy. The technical name for this experience is Couvade syndrome, and could include weight gain, nausea, heartburn, insomnia and hormone change — ya know, normal pregnancy stuff. In some cases, partners even experience labor pains alongside the expectant mom.

The question that is still being debated is just how real Couvade syndrome is. So far, there isn’t enough research to suggest it is anything but a figment of the father’s imagination. So it’s no surprise some moms are unconvinced that dad is feeling the pain along with her.

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That said, it’s nice to see dads who are a supportive partner through the difficult labor and delivery.

Two solid days of painful contractions would be a really trying experience for any couple, but it might be even more difficult for a newly married couple who has never experienced childbirth before. When the mom-to-be has a supportive partner nearby who is able to stay in-tune to her needs, labor becomes a little bit more bearable.

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We are sure that Jessa was so grateful for Ben’s love and support throughout her labor. If his faithfulness and support during labor is any indication, we are sure he will make a great dad to Spurgeon, who is now 6 weeks old.


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