You Need to Pay Attention to Your URLs if You Want More Blog Traffic

It’s probably the last thing you’re thinking about, but one of the most important parts of a successful blog post is the URL. A well-structured and beautiful looking URL will help readers find your site and search engines index it.

So, how do you write the perfect URL for blog posts?


pay attention to your URLs



Image: Thanasis Anastasiou via Flickr


Use Keywords

Here are two URLS:

The first one doesn’t look as good as the second one. In the second URL, you can see exactly what the post is about. The first URL looks spammy, right? Whereas the second URL looks clean and clear.

The key to a good URL is to describe your content. If your readers can guess what the subject of your post is by simply looking at URL, then it is a successful URL, one that can be shared with others or bookmarked for later reading.

So, when you are writing your URL, try to include the main keyword of your post. It helps to attach your URLs to your titles, but that can become to lengthy. Keywords are the way to go.

Keep Them Brief

Another thing to remember is to keep your URLs short. Long URLs take longer to load in different browsers and by creating short URLs, you can rest assured that your post will load on all major browsers.

If you have more than one word in your URL, don’t forget to use hyphens to separate.

Go Lowercase

Remember to use lowercase letters instead of uppercase. In other words, will read much better in different servers than

Sometimes uppercase web pages come up as a 404 page error, whereas all servers read lowercase letters the same way.

So be honest, how much attention do you give to your URLs? Give them a lot of love this month and see if it changes your overall blog traffic.

Imka Webb


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