RHOA’s Kenya Moore criticized for her approach to relationship problems

RHOA Kenya Moore
Image: Bravo

Few Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers have been surprised to see Moore once again stirring the pot. Outside of Moore’s antics, there just isn’t much drama on the show, especially now that the drama between Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey has died down. But while Moore’s behavior typically annoys viewers, most actually were on her side during tonight’s episode.

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Moore’s troubled past with her father appears to be preventing her from finally landing a long-term, fulfilling relationship. Thankfully, she may finally be ready to address those issues. She certainly made an effort during tonight’s episode. However, fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta think Moore still has a long way to go before she’s actually a literal housewife.

Kenya's Dad
Image: Bravo

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When Moore invited her father over to visit her perpetually under-construction home, she probably wasn’t expecting to be lectured about her love life. But that’s exactly what happened when Ronald Grant (who became Moore’s father at just 16 years old) suggested that she should have stuck it out with an agent that she had previously been dating.

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After Grant shared an odd metaphor about men and scorecards, it was clear that his advice was falling on deaf ears. Parents adding two cents in regards to RHOA cast members’ relationships isn’t a new phenomenon. Who could forget Kandi Burruss and Mama Joyce’s arguments about Todd Tucker? What was new, however, was the revelation that Moore had attended a relationship seminar hosted by controversial psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson just a few weeks earlier. Twitter users were quick to scoff at the idea that Moore’s love life could be fixed by anyone, be it her father or a slick-talking self-help guru.

Bad advice for Kenya


Bad advice for Kenya

Dr. Umar


Dr. Umar

Kenya’s Dad to Blame?


Kenya’s Dad to Blame?


Moore’s harmless attempt to help her dating life by attending Dr. Johnson’s seminar definitely didn’t sit well with viewers, who have been incredibly harsh towards Moore whenever her love life is a topic of discussion. Despite a tearful scene in which Moore’s father confided in her that it broke his heart when she ran away from home at the age of 12, viewers were quite vocal in their stance that Grant’s shoddy relationship advice and Moore’s own misguided attempts at seeking that advice are two of the many reasons why she’s currently single.


Will Kenya Moore ever find the man of her dreams? Comment and share your opinion below.

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