Whoopi Goldberg joins Raven-Symoné in making inflammatory statements (VIDEO)

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Goldberg is now following Raven-Symoné’s lead in saying that she’s not African-American — she’s just American.

Goldberg’s comments came on Tuesday’s episode of The View, where she and Raven-Symoné are both co-hosts. Her inflammatory opinion came after another host made a joke about seeking refuge overseas in the event Donald Trump wins the presidency in the U.S.

You know what?” Goldberg said. “Uh-uh! This is my country. My mother, my grandmother, my great-grand folks, we busted ass to be here. I’m sorry. I’m an American. I’m not an African-American, I’m not a chick American, I’m an American!”

Whoopi Goldberg says she’s not African American


Whoopi Goldberg says she’s not African American

Raven-Symoné made similar comments —and sparked plenty of backlash in the process — in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2014, so it’s no surprise that she immediately agreed with Goldberg’s statement.

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“I’m an American!” she said. “I’ve been here too long to not just hold American.”

The show’s other hosts — as well as the audience — seemed to realize the controversial nature of the statements, and fell silent following the exchange between Goldberg and Raven-Symoné.

Goldberg’s comments were as controversial and Raven-Symoné’s, drawing criticism on social media.

“Damn, Whoopi, not u too [sic],” one user wrote.

But others supported Goldberg’s remarks. One Twitter user commended Goldberg’s comments, saying, “100% behind @WhoopiGoldberg here. We are 1st and foremost Americans. Lose the hyphen. E pluribus unum.”

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Do you agree with Goldberg and Raven-Symoné? Do you think the African-American label is less important than simply American? Head down to the comments and tell us where you stand on this issue.


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