Woman bridges the miles with sweet surprises for long-distance boyfriend

Sure, the times together are the best, but what about the other 90 percent of the time you’re apart? Phone calls, Skype and the occasional (OK, often) sexting just can’t replace the feeling of having your partner next to you.

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One man — currently living in Canada — knows that feeling all too well. He’s been separated from his girlfriend by distance, but she managed to leave him a special surprise after her recent holiday visit. “After 3 days apart when she is back home she tells me to look under my side table,” user leonnoyst wrote on Imgur. “I find this awesome briefcase under there!”

long distance girlfriend letters
Image: leonnoyst/imgur

Inside it was filled with envelope after envelope covered with her “amazing lettering on each one.” Every envelope is labeled with instructions to open at different times, like when he’s “feeling frisky,” “needing a big smooch” or for when he’s “sick of Canada.”

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long distance girlfriend letters
Image: leonnoyst/imgur

He didn’t give an indication of what’s inside the envelopes or if he’s opened any of them, but the sweet gesture has definitively struck a chord with him.

long distance envelopes


long distance envelopes

And commenters on his Imgur album think it’s pretty sweet, too. The overwhelming consensus is that he should “wife that woman right now,” and we don’t disagree. We just have one request: a follow-up album letting us know what she left for him.

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