Orphan Black promo proves horror is ahead for the clones in Season 4 (VIDEO)

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The video also has an Alice in Wonderland feel, which might mean the clones are headed down some type of rabbit hole. The teaser opens up with Sarah and her sisters narrating. Let’s just say their words speak volumes.

They say, “Burning with curiosity she ran across the field and down a large rabbit hole, never once considering how in the world she would get out again. Had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling. She tried to look down and make out what she was coming to, but it was too dark to see. Down, down, down. The only way forward is to go back.”

Obviously, this is an excerpt from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland where Alice falls down the rabbit hole. In the video, all of the clones are narrating as different images and actions of the clones correlate with their words. Based on the last line, and as previously teased, it looks like Sarah is going to be researching the past and will encounter a new clone along the way named M.K.

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Now, the teaser appears to be illustrating things that have already happened to the sisters, but they also could be foreshadowing more horrible things to come. The creepy reading of the Alice in Wonderland passage also doesn’t help.

Oh, and the fire burning the sock monkey? Is that supposed to represent Sarah’s daughter Kira, who they call Monkey? I sure hope not. Be sure to pay attention at the very end, because M.K. makes her debut next to Sarah.

It’s official: Orphan Black isn’t holding back during Season 4.

Orphan Black S4 teaser


Orphan Black S4 teaser

Orphan Black returns to BBC America in April 2016.

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