RHOBH’s Brandi Glanville dated a very unexpected A-list comedian

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Long before she was a star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glanville was romantically involved with a surprising star who went on to become an A-list comedian: Ben Stiller.


Stiller is currently promoting Zoolander 2, and on Wednesday’s Watch What Happens Live, he dished some details about his unlikely relationship. Though he appeared caught off-guard by the question about dating Glanville, Stiller did say their time together was “short-lived” and that he wouldn’t “characterize it as a relationship.”


It was a couple of dates and fun,” he continued. “I’m not sure my wife [Christine Taylor] is even aware of that.”


While the news confirmed that Stiller and Glanville were once an item, there has been speculation in the past that Stiller was one of the men Glanville described dating in her 2014 book Drinking and Dating.


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I’ve never had a problem getting f***ed,” Glanville wrote, before alluding to some of her more famous conquests, all without naming names. The passage that may have been referring to Stiller describes the man as a “height-challenged up-and-coming comedian” whom she dated in the ’90s and says would later become a household name.


“He had the kind of face you remember,” Glanville wrote. “Sharp features, thick dark hair and a goofy grin.”


She said that during one date, “We laughed so hard… that my stomach was hurting and my jaw was sore (it sometimes ends up sore after a date, but not from giggling).”


But when Glanville and this mystery comedian hit the bedroom, things got awkward.


“We had spent the entire evening laughing so much that I couldn’t stop laughing when it was time to get serious,” she wrote. “Every time I looked at him, I’d think of something funny he said or remember one of his characters and would burst into hysterics. It didn’t help the mood.”


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Do you think Glanville was describing Stiller in her book?


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