Could Pheromone Cologne Improve Your Dating

Why is it that some mens have great luck with ladies whilst some of us just ?  Could it be their looks?  Hell no!  Much of the time they are as ugly as hell.  It’s not even their personality and only occasionally is it their money.  Most of the time these men are total tools but nature gave them with more pheromones than most other men.


Pheromones are consciously undetectable chemical messengers that both sexes secrete that subconsciously transmit information about our suitability as a partner.  If you have a lot of pheromones they send a message out to girls that you are an ideal sexual partner for her.  As a result sexual attraction is created without the need for looks, money or personality.


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The good news for men like you and me is that scientists have been able to synthetically produce these same pheromones.  You can now purchase pheromone colognes.  It’s literally spray on sexual magnetism.


The bad news is that not all pheromone colognes are equal and there are so many to choose from.  There are many different strains of pheromones and a good pheromone cologne needs to have the right blend of the right pheromones at just the right concentration.


If you are new to pheromones then you likely won’t know what to expect from wearing them.  Firstly, don’t expect girls to be literally throwing themselves at you.  What is more likely to happen is rather more subtle but very obvious.  You can expect to get more eye contact from women and flirtatious behavior from them.  Girls will just tend to find you more interesting and will hang around you for much longer.


Pheromones will open doors for you with females and that can improve your confidence meaning you are less liable to come across as being a wimp.  Just don’t let pheromones make an promises that you can’t keep.  If you are dull and boring, she will still suss that out, but it will take her a little while longer.


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