Why is it Important to Train Your Dog?

It should be part of your responsibilities as a responsible dog owner to ensure that your dog is trained well.  Training will stimulate your puppy and will help the pair of you to bond with one another and develop a good relationship.


The best style of puppy training is where the owner rewards the dog for good behaviour from a young age.  Please don’t ever consider any form of training that punishes dogs for disobedient behaviour such as using shock collars.


We recommend training classes so that you get to understand how your dog learns.  This way the training is more mutually beneficial for both of you.  You get to learn about your dog and your dog gets to develop new social skills.


It is important to find an accredited dog trainer as anybody is able to call themselves a dog trainer regardless of their skill level or qualifications.  Poor training methods can upset dogs and lead to behaviour problems.


What Makes a Good Puppy Training Class?


We recommend you first visit a class by yourself to ensure that you are happy with the trainer and their techniques.


You should watch the dogs during training for any signs of anxiety and if the trainer spots them and helps these dogs.  puppies should love training and if you see any sign that puppies don’t look happy then find another training class.


Never attend any class that uses fear, shouting or hitting to train the puppies.  Watch instead for reward based training using food treats and toys. 


The perfect class size is nor more than eight dogs per instructor and assistant.


A dog training class ought to be calm and relatively quiet.  If the trainer has to yell a lot or the dogs bark a lot it, then it is a sign of stress between the instructor and the puppies and you should look elsewhere.


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