Bruce Springsteen stops concert for marriage proposal

He’s “The Boss” and can do anything he wants to do. And what Bruce Springsteen chose to do was stop his concert at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and invite a newly engaged couple on stage to celebrate their love.

Fittingly, Springsteen and the E Street Band were in the middle of performing their hit “Jersey Girl” when the singer looked out at the crowd and noticed something extraordinary was happening: a man had just proposed to his girlfriend during the sweet song, which features the lyrics, “My little girl gives me everything/ I know that someday she’ll wear my ring.” Springsteen asked guitarist Steven Van Zandt, “What’s going on down there?” and the musician replied by showing him his ring finger.

And then, because he’s one of the most giving performers of all time (seriously, Springsteen has been treating his fans to four-hour shows during this tour), he invited the couple up on stage and handed the groom-to-be a mic. “I love you more than anyone else in the world,” the man told his fiancée. “I love you more than music itself. I love you more than Bruce!”

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The audience cheered on the couple, who then had a chance to slow dance in front of the band in what will surely be the most memorable night of their lives so far.

And, lucky us, the entire thing was caught on video:

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

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Springsteen has been releasing albums since 1972 and is known as one of the most successful touring acts on the planet. He and the E Street Band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, he has won countless awards for his musical contributions and he has used his celebrity to endorse political candidates such as Barack Obama. In other words, The Boss can stop his show whenever he wants, invite whomever he wants to grab the mic and continue to play hours of music at sold-out shows.

But that doesn’t make it any less sweet to know that Springsteen will take a break for young love.


Leaked video shows Johnny Depp yelling at Amber Heard and throwing her phone

A new video obtained and released by TMZ shows Johnny Depp screaming at Amber Heard in a fit of rage while slamming kitchen cabinets, filling his glass with red wine and, ultimately, throwing Heard’s cellphone when he realized she was recording the incident.


Heard, who obtained a restraining order against Depp in May after alleging domestic abuse as the reason for their divorce, secretly recorded her ex in what appears to be a state of extreme anger. It’s unknown what happened before this scary kitchen scene, which reportedly took place months before the actress claimed he had been abusing her and had struck her in the face.


Heard apologizes to Depp as he storms around the kitchen: “I just woke up and you were still asleep,” she tells him. “We were not even fighting this morning. All I did was say sorry.”


Depp asks Heard if she wants to see “crazy” and then says, “I’ll show you crazy. Here’s fucking crazy,” before filling his glass with red wine and slamming the bottle of wine down on a table. Heard asks Depp if he drank the entire bottle of wine that morning. The actor then notices Heard is recording the entire thing and says, “You’ve got this going?” The video gets fuzzy as Depp grabs her phone and hurls it across the room.

Johnny Depp video


Johnny Depp video


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It’s difficult to watch this video clip and not think that Heard must have planned to record it because this probably wasn’t the first time an incident like this happened. Was she frightened and attempting to gather evidence in case something even more serious took place that would force her hand in demanding a divorce? If her goal was to provide proof that could be used in court, she may have thwarted those efforts by recording Depp without his permission.


Sources connected with Depp also told TMZ that the video is heavily edited and that Heard can be seen “egging on” her ex-husband and even smiling in some portions of the video. Yet again, we have a classic case of he said/she said, with Depp’s folks insisting that Heard attempted to set him up with this video.


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One thing is certain: This video is only going to make Heard and Depp’s divorce proceedings even messier, if that’s possible. Since day one, Depp has denied abusing Heard and has fought tooth and nail to have the restraining order removed because he fears it can hurt his career. After a 15-month marriage, the couple announced their divorce in May, when Heard accused Depp of attacking her and hitting her in the face with a phone. Heard’s legal team is now fighting to force Depp to provide the court with financial records needed to resolve their divorce, while Depp’s people have made it clear they’ll only oblige if Heard quits talking to the press about their relationship (and agrees to pay a $100,000 fine if she does reveal more info).


Heard and Depp are due back in court on Aug. 14 and 15. Things can’t possibly get any worse for them, can they?

I think I know why Paulie from Big Brother hates women

All season Paulie Calafiore has acted like he hates women. Truly, every woman in the Big Brother house has felt the wrath of Calafiore and his need to have an all-male household. At first, it was very confusing – it’s 2016 after all. Blatant sexism shouldn’t still be a thing. But after tonight’s episode, I think I’ve cracked the code for why he acts like he hates women.


It’s not like he hates women, it’s just that he’s in love with Paul Abrahamian.


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Think about it, the pair has their own code name for the time they spend together. Any time Calafiore and Abrahamian are talking about the future of the Big Brother house, they call it “PPTime” – they want to be the final two in the house so much that they’ve created their own hashtag.


They also tend to strategize while they’re laying in bed together. And Calafiore seems to be much more concerned with not hurting Abrahamian’s feelings than hurting Zakiyah Everette’s, who he is actually having a showmance with.


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Really, if this Calafiore and Abrahamian is a thing, I just want them to talk about it. I’d be 100% behind their relationship. Not only would it be totally sweet, but it would also explain why Calafiore has to constantly act like a sexist pig.


Because if it’s not a thing, he completely screwed over Everette for no reason except he doesn’t value her or any woman in the house. He had the chance to keep his word, save her from eviction and redeem himself for completely demeaning her in front of everyone. He could have done that and still stayed in his power position. But he didn’t.


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The only rational explanation for why someone would choose to be such an ass is that his heart belongs to someone else. And if that’s the case, I apologize for every mean thing I’ve said about him, and I’m all in. If not, I stand by every word and hope he gets sent home immediately.


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Of course Tara Reid and Dean May were fronting on Marriage Boot Camp

Tonight’s new episode of Marriage Boot Camp included so many things that are delightful about this show: lie detector tests, frosty stares from hosts Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, yelling (obviously), the surrendering of the couples’ rings so that they can go out on the town as theoretically single people and, of course, drunkenness. And then, in perhaps the least dramatic reveal of nonnews in the history of Marriage Boot Camp, Tara Reid told us what, on some level, we already knew in our hearts: she and Dean May are, in fact, not an actual couple.


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Fans have been suspicious of Tara and Dean’s couple status since the beginning of the season – wondering if they were ever together, if they were possibly related (yikes) or if they were just on the show for the publicity – because they didn’t act like a couple. I’m not sold on the “acting like a couple” defense because you shouldn’t have to act a certain way to make people believe you’re in a relationship, but as it turns out, these two were actually faking it.


This does explain why Tara never wanted to do any of the drills and why, when she did, nothing of substance ever came out. Part of me thinks this whole thing is so wrong because, theoretically, a couple who needed help could have taken Tara and Dean’s spot on the show. But another part of me, the evil part, who wishes this kind of thing would happen more often on reality TV, is super impressed.


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But why wait until there’s only one episode in the season to reveal the truth? Wouldn’t a more awesome story be their confession that they fooled everyone until after the show ended?


Next week, the couples decide if they’re going to give their relationships another try or go it alone, so what does that mean for Tara and Dean? Are they getting kicked off in the last episode of the season? Is the lying a lie? Is Tara just messing with us? That would be beyond crazy. Also, is this really the best way for either of these two to revive their careers?


I have nothing but questions, you guys. What’s the screening process to get on this show? One fan on Twitter commented that he knew Tara and Dean weren’t together because there was no reference to Dean on Tara’s Wikipedia page. (I checked; he’s right.) While that’s obviously not a foolproof way to guarantee that people don’t lie to get on your show, it does make me wonder if anyone did research of any kind about Tara and Dean – or if everyone knew they weren’t together and this is all the most elaborate sort of prank. That seems too far, even for a reality show, though… right?


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Do you think Tara’s telling the truth? Are she and Dean just friends? Tell us in the comments!


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