I think I know why Paulie from Big Brother hates women

All season Paulie Calafiore has acted like he hates women. Truly, every woman in the Big Brother house has felt the wrath of Calafiore and his need to have an all-male household. At first, it was very confusing – it’s 2016 after all. Blatant sexism shouldn’t still be a thing. But after tonight’s episode, I think I’ve cracked the code for why he acts like he hates women.


It’s not like he hates women, it’s just that he’s in love with Paul Abrahamian.


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Think about it, the pair has their own code name for the time they spend together. Any time Calafiore and Abrahamian are talking about the future of the Big Brother house, they call it “PPTime” – they want to be the final two in the house so much that they’ve created their own hashtag.


They also tend to strategize while they’re laying in bed together. And Calafiore seems to be much more concerned with not hurting Abrahamian’s feelings than hurting Zakiyah Everette’s, who he is actually having a showmance with.


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Really, if this Calafiore and Abrahamian is a thing, I just want them to talk about it. I’d be 100% behind their relationship. Not only would it be totally sweet, but it would also explain why Calafiore has to constantly act like a sexist pig.


Because if it’s not a thing, he completely screwed over Everette for no reason except he doesn’t value her or any woman in the house. He had the chance to keep his word, save her from eviction and redeem himself for completely demeaning her in front of everyone. He could have done that and still stayed in his power position. But he didn’t.


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The only rational explanation for why someone would choose to be such an ass is that his heart belongs to someone else. And if that’s the case, I apologize for every mean thing I’ve said about him, and I’m all in. If not, I stand by every word and hope he gets sent home immediately.


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Big Brother After Dark spoilers
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