Did Jaden Smith split from Sarah Snyder to date Kylie Jenner’s BFF?

Jaden Smith might be a social climber when it comes to the ladies, and he might be getting back in cozy with his ex Kyle Jenner if this news is any indication.

According to Hollywood Life, Smith took Jordyn Woods – Jenner’s BFF – to the 2016 Fashion Awards. MediaTakeOut confirmed the two definitely went as a couple.

But this story got an even weirder twist when Tweeters pointed out that they thought Smith and Woods were actually cousins.

Jaden smith tweet 1

Jaden smith tweet 1

Jaden smith tweet 2

Jaden smith tweet 2

To clarify, they aren’t actually related, but Woods is so close to the family that, according to Bustle, she calls Jaden’s dad, Will Smith, “uncle.”

Jordyn Woods instagram pic 1

Jordyn Woods instagram pic 1

Meanwhile, Smith was most recently known to be in a relationship with Sarah Snyder, and the Internet is buzzing with theories that Smith ditched Snyder in order to get close to Woods.

But it could also be that Smith himself was the victim in the relationship with Snyder. Hollywood Life reported that Snyder was cheating on Smith back in August.

Who knows what went down between Smith and Snyder, but it’s safe to say after seeing him at the Fashion Awards last night, that the two are no longer together.

So does Smith really like Woods or is he just cozying up to her to get back with Jenner?

Jordyn Woods instagram pic 2

Jordyn Woods instagram pic 2

I’m going to go ahead here and think positive thoughts and say that Smith is genuine. I mean, they are just teenagers, after all. Remember when you were in high school and you dated everyone just to date because it was new and exciting? Ya, they’re there in life. It’s just, they’re also on a huge platform where everyone is watching.

Smith should be allowed to explore and date, find out what he likes and doesn’t like, without all the judgement and people prying into his business.

He’ll probably have a new girlfriend in a couple of months and that’s just how it should be when you’re young. Keep it casual, keep it fun.

Do you think Smith is crossing the line by dating Jenner’s BFF or is he just young and having fun?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: Graphics by Terese Condella & Becci Burkhart/SheKnows; photo provided by WENN

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