Andy Cohen Thinks President Trump Is Acting Like a Real Housewife

If you thought Real Housewives was just a reality show and not really reality, well, Donald Trump is probably making you realize right about now that there are actually people in this world who are rich, entitled, ready to jump at drama and just downright mean.

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Just in case you didn’t make the connection before between the president and your trashy television obsession, Andy Cohen is here to help you fill in the blanks.

andy cohen donald trump facelift response

andy cohen donald trump facelift response

In case you missed it, Trump had this to say about journalist Mika Brzezinski this week on Twitter.

donald trump facelift tweet 1

donald trump facelift tweet 1

donald trump facelift tweet 2

donald trump facelift tweet 2

It all started when Brzezinski, co-host of the show Morning Joe, accused the White House of using a National Enquirer hit piece to attempt to coerce the hosts of the show into covering Trump more favorably.

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Instead of responding with dignity like a respectable human being, the president decided to go low and comment on Brzezinski’s looks. Because, as we’ve learned with this president, he loves a good shock tactic to deflect from the real issue at hand: His office tried to coerce the free press to influence its coverage. This from the man who calls the New York Times “fake news” every chance he gets. Seems just a little hypocritical, no? And by a little, I mean a lot. Like, the epitome of hypocritical.

This isn’t the first time Cohen has drawn parallels between Trump and the Housewives. In fact, it’s one of his favorite topics as of late. He even offered Kellyanne Conway a spot on the show if she got tired of doling out her “alternative facts” crap to the masses. I think she’d be a perfect addition.

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As for Trump, it would be really nice if he focused on something other than a woman’s looks. If he put this much energy into actually trying to do some good, like, I dunno, improving American lives, he would probably make a real difference. Wouldn’t that be nice.

McDonald’s Will Make a Major Change to Its Burgers in 2018

McDonald’s is synonymous with quick and cheap meals (and hangover breakfasts, let’s be real), but high-quality, fresh ingredients? Not so much. But the fast-food giant is hoping to flip-flop its reputation with the rollout of a new menu item that’s a serious departure from anything it’s done before –we’re talking fresh beef patties.

I think we’re all pretty used to the uniform gray, chewy, bizarrely synthetic yet meaty patties served at McDonald’s, and it would be hard to claim that they’re great. Fresh beef patties, like those used at Wendy’s, could change all that while also helping McDonald’s compete with fast-casual burger chains like Five Guys and Shake Shack.

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The downside (and reason McD’s hasn’t brought in fresh beef until now) is that it will, of course, take longer to cook a fresh beef Quarter Pounder. And that could seriously cramp the drive-thru’s ability to crank out quarter-pounders during its busiest times. Sure, it’ll only take about a minute longer to cook fresh beef patties than the usual frozen pucks that pass for burgers, but when there are 10 people waiting in line, those minutes add up.

But still, you’d probably be waiting less than five minutes total to get your meal, which is faster than any sit-down restaurant I know of. And in the test markets of Dallas and Oklahoma, the new fresh beef patties McDonald’s is testing have met with success.

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McD’s plans to introduce fresh beef Quarter Pounders to even more locations in Texas this year, and they’ll be available at most of its stores in 2018 (in addition to to regular pre-cooked Big Macs you’re used to).

I for one would be a lot more likely to stop in at McDonald’s if I knew it was using fresher ingredients – only time will tell if this helps McDonald’s keep up with its fresh meat-hawking competitors.

Chris Blue and Vanessa Ferguson Both Deserve to Win The Voice

The Season 12 semifinals for The Voice are the epitome of bittersweet, for while we get to see an amazing Top 8 duke it out for a spot in the finale, there’s the underlying knowledge that four artists will soon be going home. Let’s just hope that Vanessa Ferguson and Chris Blue are not among them, because if tonight’s duet is any indication, they’re both worthy of winning the whole shebang!

Vanessa Ferguson and Chris Blue duet video

Vanessa Ferguson and Chris Blue duet video

Ferguson and Blue were given a huge challenge for tonight’s episode: perform a duet to one of Alicia Keys’ best songs, in front of Alicia Keys. Talk about nerve-wracking! They certainly felt the pressure, but Keys was fully confident that they could rock the song just as well as she always does.

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The song of the evening was If I Ain’t Got You, and we’re pleased to say that it exceeded our expectations, which were high to begin. The powerful duo brought the judges to their feet and received plenty of well-deserved praise to boot.

Alicia Keys If I Ain’t Got You

Alicia Keys If I Ain’t Got You

The praise was by no means limited to the judges. Several fans came out of the woodwork on Twitter, sharing their excitement over the remarkable duet, and reminding their followers to vote:

Chris Vanessa tweet The Voice

Chris Vanessa tweet The Voice

Chris Vanessa tweet 2 The Voice

Chris Vanessa tweet 2 The Voice

Chris Vanessa tweet 3 The Voice

Chris Vanessa tweet 3 The Voice

Blue has been referred to as the show’s frontrunner for a long, long time, but based on tonight’s performance, Ferguson has a shot as well. Either way, Alicia Keys has a clear path to victory, which would be super cool – we’re good and ready for another female coach to win The Voice!

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As you may recall, Ferguson earned her spot in the semifinals with an Instant Save performance. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s doomed, but…it doesn’t look good. Contestants rarely last long after they’ve landed in the danger zone, so Ferguson will need all the votes she can get tonight. In other words: if you want Ferguson to continue on alongside Blue, you need to vote!

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Do you think Chris Blue and Vanessa Ferguson deserve to make the finals for The Voice? Comment and share your opinion below.

Drake Sympathizes With Woman Who Broke Into His Home

It’s been a month of ups and down for Drake. First, he was facing some crazy baby mama drama with Instagram model Layla Lace (that turned out to be a complete hoax). Now, his $7.7 million home has been broken into, but that’s just the life of a celebrity, right?

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The 24-year-old woman broke in on April 3 and was charged with felony burglary, but now Drake is reportedly telling the police to drop all the charges against her.

According to The Daily Mail, Drake’s lawyer contacted the Los Angeles County District Attorney to “make it clear he will not cooperate in any prosecution” of the woman, because Drake thinks she has “mental issues,” and “thinks it would be cruel to make her a felon” for the break-in.

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To be fair, she may have broken into his house, but she didn’t really do anything malicious. Reports say she helped herself to some Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji water from the fridge, then put on one of Drake’s hoodies and went to bed in one of the house’s six bedrooms. A member of Drake’s entourage found her later. Even though she insisted she had permission to be in the house, he called police. It still hasn’t been publicly revealed how she got onto the gated property, which Drake calls the YOLO Estate (of course he does), but hopefully we find that answer out real soon.

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Time for a real question though: If you’re going to break into a house with an 80-foot water slide and a giant movie theater, why would you just drink some sodas and then go to bed? You had the chance to be a legend, and you squandered it. SMH.

Gwen Stefani Just Suffered The Voice’s Most Awkward Moment

The Voice has been more restrained with the Gwen-Blake romance than we initially anticipated (minus that lap sitting moment during the season premiere) but that all ended tonight, when Stefani’s mouth got her in trouble. It was one of the most awkward moments of the season, and not in a good way.

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The trouble began when Team Alicia’s Chris Blue went up against R.J.Collins with a powerful rendition of Miguel’s “Adorn.” Both artists were amazing, of course, but Stefani evidently was less impressed by their vocal chops, and more interested in their appearance.

After complimenting Blue’s ability to become completely absorbed by his music, Stefani admitted, “I don’t even know if I was listening to your voice because I was so mesmerized by your body.”

Gwen Stefani
Image: NBC

Adam Levine was the first person to object to this ill-timed statement. He stuttered, “Hey, whoa whoa.” Shelton quickly chimed in with, “Hey! What the?”

Stefani tried her best to explain her awkward declaration, but as Levine correctly observed, “It’s hard to talk your way out of that one.”

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To be fair, Stefani’s statement would have been weird even if she was still single. The proximity of her boyfriend made it that much worse, however, as did revelations about Blue’s fiance, who was sadly rediagnosed with cancer.

As if the statement about Blue’s body wasn’t bad enough, Stefani then turned her charms on his competitor, exclaiming, “R.J., I did not know you were 18 years old. I mean, you look like a man, ya know?”

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Despite initially voicing his objections, Shelton took Stefani’s flirtation in stride. He did admit, however, his preference for Blue, purely because he didn’t want his girlfriend to snag him for her own team.

Adorn video The Voice

Adorn video The Voice

Blue is an attractive man, but Stefani’s attention is definitely misplaced. His vocals were nothing short of magnificent this evening, and we’re so glad he gets to move on in the competition. Whether Alicia Keys selected the battle’s winner based on looks or vocal skills, she made the right choice.

What did you think of Gwen Stefani’s faux pas on The Voice? How about Blake Shelton’s response? Comment and share your opinion below.

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Gwen and Blake slideshow
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Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s wedding day is going to cost an absolute fortune

Only a month after their engagement in Dec. 2015 – which took place on stage at the SWAY: A Dance Trilogy event in Miami – Dancing With the Stars pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd immediately started planning for the future.

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And their future includes a “massive” wedding. In fact, the couple plans to splurge and will be dropping an insane amount of cash.

“I want it to be a million-dollar wedding! She wants a princess thing with the horse and carriage, and I want to give that to her,” Chmerkovskiy told In Touch Weekly in January 2016.

“I love doing this type of thing,” Murgatroyd revealed. “It’s going to be massive, probably 500 people, somewhere in New York. Our families will fly over for it.”

Now, more than a year later, Chmerkovskiy has revealed the romantic New York location where the wedding is actually taking place.

“We have an amazing, amazing space on Long Island, Oheka [Castle],” he told ABC News, adding that he had dreamed for years of getting married there. “I remember when I was passing by this castle when I first immigrated, and [I said,] ‘That’s where I want to have my wedding,’ and I just said it so [casually] and now it’s happening. We went there. It’s perfect. We’re going to have it for two days. They’re closing the whole hotel. It’s going to be unbelievable.”

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As for the rest of the wedding plans? Chmerkovskiy is leaving them mostly up to his lady.

“I hate to admit, but I’ve just removed myself from it,” he said. “I had to do my part of the list, which I never thought was that difficult, but it’s kind of ridiculous.”

He added, “Some things are a little too much but we just dreamt up this opportunity for ourselves and we’re trying to make it happen the way we want it to. I want her to have the wedding of her dreams.”

But can we expect to see any famous faces at their nuptials? What about other Dancing With the Star pros?

“Sharna Burgess will definitely be in the bridal party, and I would love to have [my 2012 DWTS partner and season winner] Donald Driver and his family there, and Gilles Marini and Tommy Chong,” Murgatroyd gushed.

It already sounds like an affair not to be missed, plus Murgatroyd will undoubtedly look gorgeous.

“I just want it to be a really classic wedding dress that would never go out of style,” Murgatroyd told the publication of what she intends to wear. “I love Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier.”

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But it’s not just a massive (and super expensive) wedding that the couple foresees in their future, as Chmerkovskiy revealed he “can’t wait” to start a family.

“I would definitely love kids – two or more,” Murgatroyd gushed. “Maks will be such a warm and loving father. I can’t think of anybody better to have children with. He’s not the grizzly bear that everybody thinks he is!”

What are your thoughts on Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s extravagant wedding plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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DWTS slideshow
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Originally published January 2016. Updated March 2017.